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To stand out as a market leader through Quality, Trust and Innovation in an otherwise controversial, confusing and deceitful industry.

To support personal wellbeing and make a difference to ones health through nutritional education and functional products.

Incorporated in 2006 by founder Tom Lashan and having commenced its research and development program and early stage sales in 2007, ANS is an Australian company, based in Melbourne and having a wholly owned Hong Kong subsidiary. ANS manufactures it's products in Australia from the finest quality local ingredients for health, wellbeing and sports. It distributes to customers in Australia, Hong Kong and recently commenced distribution in Peoples’ Republic of China (China) and Taiwan.

ANS products have been carefully developed and extensively tested over a long period of time using the finest natural ingredients to ensure the optimum nutritional outcome. Central to ANS is the fact that protein is the key ingredient in a healthy diet and ANS delivers the best form of protein available.

Proudly made in Australia, these products are the perfect protein supplement for people who are busy or stressed by supplying an easily digested, high protein boost that will help build stamina and sustain a healthy, strong body. ANS also offers exceptional benefits to athletes as well as people recovering from illness.